::C’est la vie!:: Monthly Dance Party in February

::C’est la vie!:: Monthly Dance Party in February-pop by larcoco

:C’est la vie!:: Monthly Party in February
Be My Valentine! ~You are not alone~

We hold the dance party by the following schedule.
We loves Music and Dance and Dressing up ♥
Please dress up in your best style, come to our party

We are looking forward to meeting you.

::C’est la vie!:: Sky Crews Lounge
I will announce LM of the place with MainShop on that day

Don’t miss it!:P
February14th(tue)5-7AM(PST)SL TIME


Kitt Ragu

Larcoco Mathy(::C’est la vie!:: Shop Owner)
Kitt Ragu(::C’est la vie!:: Dancer)

::C’est la vie::main store

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