I feel you...

Egoisme KHEDAR OUTFIT(Shirts/Belt/Jeans):New!
JfL asymmetrical fedora hat charcoal/red
Exile::Far Behind Dark Blondes

Location:Our Island


In the Green

JfL asymmetrical fedora hat black
[Sheep Door] Military Shirts (Mesh) Beige:TMD
::GB::Half denim pants / Black:Menswear Fashion Week New!
{Sleepy Eddy} Engineer Boots (Sand)
{Howl} PAPI BACKPACK - Word khaki:TSS
K_gs Montana(Neck)

Neva River


Get well soon and eat a thing sweet together

Magika [Hair] Shimmer:New!
BlankLine_BDcloseShirts_M_Light:The Seasons Story New!
{Howl} PAPI BACKPACK - Black RARE:The Seasons Story New!
=Zenith=Snow Pearl Stone Egg Necklace Bag:The Seasons Story New!
{Imeka} Sweet Ice Cream 04 {Colorful}:The Seasons Story New!
::K:: Casual Pant Glencheck:MP
(fd) Bossy Boots Large - Wingtip White

MiWardrobe {H} - Flower Wall - S2-Size 2- Natural Wood2 -MW {H}/S2-Size 3-Natural Wood1 -MW {H}:The Seasons Story New!
poche Strawberry tart of spring mint/cut1/rose:The Seasons Story New!

pose:KIEDIS - Casual Style 05


My Spring Garden

~Tableau Vivant~ Valentin Hair  (male) - Summer:FaMESHed New!
/ XIAJ / Jay Polo + white:The Seasons Story Start 10th April New!
ISON MAN - stretch trousers (tan):The Mens Dept New!
JD - Sydney Silver:The Mens Dept New!
2PM. donut beanie / sky:New!
[kik] gacha megane*kinoko
ISON - canvas bucket bag (tan):The Mens Dept New!

Kirin Poses - My Cute Pinwheel Pose 4:The Seasons Story New!
8f8 - 88 Sweet Life Bakery Collection Gacha:The Seasons Story New!

Location: ::K:: Main Store Garden


I miss you, I feel lonely.

[INK] Hair___BLOKE ::Baige:TMD April New!
Orion - Flannal with Under tee (B&W):TMD April New!
not so bad . WESLEY jeans used dirty:TMD April New!
{theosophy} Monmouth Glasses:TMD April New!

*ionic* Te leo un cuentito:The Chapter Four New!
*ionic* acuname (azul)/(rojo):The Chapter Four New!
*ionic* El zorrito:The Chapter Four New!
*ionic* El conejito de la suerte:The Chapter Four New!
AF Reading Pile
HIDEKI -Wall Stationary Decor:The Chapter Four New!
HIDEKI - Floor Lamp/Rustic lamp:The Chapter Four New!


I wait for you in the morning haze.

[INK] Hair___FOGLIA ::Baige:TMD April New!
(epia) - American Officer Formal BLACKPACK:TMD April New!
::GB:: Flat shoes_anti cross  black:TMD April New!
RO - California - Mojave:TMD April New!
O.M.E.N x [ dynasty ] - Grey Cruising Gloves - Spread (R)/Closed (L):TMD April New!
[Deadwool] Janus duffle bag - olive:TMD April New!
Birdy/Alchemy - Spring Babes - Lamb -  Vanilla

Location:Tierra de Fuego

Looking for You

*ARGRACE* AYA - Strawberry Blonde:JAPAN FAIR 2014 New!
.:villena:. - Button Down in Vintage:TMD April New!
.:villena:. - Chinos in Camel:TMD April New!
2PM. donut beanie GACHA/ mustard RARE:New!
(epia) - Dufflebag:TMD April New!
O.M.E.N x [ dynasty ] - Yellow Cruising Gloves - Closed (R)/Gloves - Spread (L):TMD April New!
Eudora 3D Oxford Low Tops:TMD April New!
Pose:.c9. M_06-5:New!

Pose:.c9. M_03-1

Location : Navel Park


Spring Wind

::K:: Simple Cardigan White:The Seasons Story Start 10th April
::K:: Cargo Shorts Ocher: The Mens Dept Start 5th April
=Zenith=color tank(babypink)
*ARGRACE* HARUKA - Strawberry Blonde:New!
pose:*coucou* F-01_02

Location:The Celestial Realm