Boy Friend ☻

Kitt wearing
**Dura-Boy**12 Spice
[Sheep Door] Blinkers cap Unionjack yellow RARE:SGB GALA(start 1th Feb) New!
[Sheep Door] Stadium Jaket (Mesh) Yellow:New!
::K:: Super Skinny Multi-Mix DEMO Gift
(r)M~Shoe"Army Boot"~ gG 01'13

++Small town of Green++


Thanks for coming Our Party

We are glad to meet a lot of guest and friends:))
We love those who loves music and dance and fashion
Our history is not over
See you next party:D



Style Card
Maitreya Ymre - Gold Blond
::K:: Bow-Tie Shirt Onyx
::K:: Super Skinny Plain-Noir
(r)M~Shoe"Army Boot"~No.08
*coucou* POSE 12

::C'est la vie!:: classic hat(Bow border)mesh
*Alice Project* Steph II [S] - Blonde/Yellow
::C'est la vie !:: fur vest(black)mesh
(TokiD) Plain lazy top (black)
::C'est la vie !:: mini skirt(Dot black)mesh
::C'est la vie !:: FW color tights(yellow ocher)
(r)M~Shoe"Army Boot"~ gG 01'13
*coucou* POSE 11

Digest Video


::C'est la vie!:: Presents Monthly Party in January

We hold the dance party by the following schedule.
We loves Music and Dance and Dressing up ❤
Please dress up in your best favorite Fashion, come to our party☻
We are looking forward to meeting you.
::C'est la vie!:: Presents Monthly Party in January
::C'est la vie!:: Sky Crews Lounge
PST(SLT) 09:00P.M~11:00P.M Jan.26(Sat).2013
JST 02:00P.M ~04:00P.M Jan.27(Sun).2013
Kitt Ragu
Larcoco Mathy(::C'est la vie!:: Shop Owner)
Kitt Ragu(::C'est la vie!:: Dancer)
with Love
Larcoco Mathy
Kitt Ragu



I will buy a cake for the souvenir to you.
You will like which cake:D?
>TRUTH< Winter w/Roots - strawberry:New!
[Pumpkin]Basic coat  (white)
::C'est la vie !:: knit turtleneck tops border(brownpink)
::K:: Super Skinny Basic-Beige:New!
ISPACHI Footwear [Leopold Boots]:New!
::LEO-NT:: Mr.Right BELT -brown-:New!
[SLUG] - ClubMaster Shades - Black

Location:Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe & Forest


Orange & Green

^;^CaTwA^;^ Mini Sunshine Roots/Honey
[Pumpkin]Basic coat (snowflake)
*+SAIKIN henley neck shirt white
::K:: Accent Tie Plain-Turquoise
::K:: Super Skinny Fresh-Aquamarine:New!
ISPACHI Footwear [Leopold Boots]:New!
*coucou* male Pose 01

Zinnias Crystal Cave CWN Hunt Gift

*Zinnias* Quetzalcoatl Serpent Shelf Entire Set:New!
Zinnias  Quetzalcoatl Serpent Maraccas
Zinnias Chili Pepper Floor Vase
Zinnias Quetzal Feather Pot MESH
Zinnias Quezalcoatl Serpent Shelf

*Zinnias* Neo Aztec Bench Entire Set:New!
Zinnias Neo Aztec Bench
Zinnias Neo Aztec Rug

^;^CaTwA^;^ Mini Sunshine Roots/Honey
[Sheep Door] Open Shirts Orange
::K:: Super Skinny Fresh-Orange:New!
ISPACHI Footwear [Leopold Boots]:New!
*coucou* male Pose 02

Zinnias Mainstore at the Cookie Jar

{POSE SHOP} *coucou*


Blue & Pink

::C'est la vie!:: knit snood(Gradient)mesh/5tex change&resize New!
::C'est la vie !::fedora hat(fur blue)ribbon tex change
[Sleepy Eddy] Leather Body Bag (Green)
ISPACHI Footwear [Leopold Boots] New!

::C'est la vie!:: knit snood(Gradient)mesh/5tex change&resize New!
::C'est la vie !::fedora hat(fur pink)ribbon tex change
[Sleepy Eddy] Leather Body Bag (Brown)
[pivaaca] HempSole Slip-On *Brown* [touch to resize]

::C'est la vie!::Main Store


Black & White

::K:: Bow-Tie Shirt Onyx New!
[LeLutka]-RAIN hair - BlondeFun

::K:: Bow-Tie Diamond New!
.b - bound - shea

~New Arrival~

::K:: Bow-Tie Shirt Original Mesh
4color : Diamond,Onyx,Emerald,Garnet

::K:: available at ::C’est la vie!::mainstore

::K:: Official Blog


We are enjoying the New Year mood☻

Object:Diesel Works Olyvia6 giftpy 2013! gift
Pose:*coucou* Henna Pose 05
Pose:Diesel Works Olyvia6 gift


[SLUG] - ClubMaster Shades - Black

.:*December*:. Glasses No.65 Black Butler Hunt

Pose:*coucou* Henna Pose 13

::C'est la vie!::Garden