Solitary Journey

tram  C407 hair / cork
8f8 Orange PASTEL Hoodie w Gray Shirt:New!
::K:: Accent Chief PaisleyxStripe-Coral:Gacha
[Sleepy Eddy] Leather Body Bag (Navy)
*Kittylicous* Tube Socks Black
!!Cattivo Sk8Sneak

Location:Small Town Green



STUDIO4D released New Dance "RUSH"
There are 12 kinds of RUSH.
These are powerful and speedy and super cool \☻/

I am using RUSH-01,-02,-03,-05,-07,and-12 in this dance.
(Other animations is from STUDIO4D,Sine Wave,Ministry of Motion,and Vista Animations)

I hope you like my dance and RUSH ☻


Thanks for coming CLV Monthly Party in May

I found out that I loved a dance once more at this dance party for the first time in two months. 
I am very glad to get interested in this party and to be able to share you who came, and pleasant time. 
Thank you !!! 


::C'est la vie!:: Presents Monthly Party in May

We hold the dance party by the following schedule.
We loves Music and Dance and Dressing up ❤
Please dress up in your best favorite Fashion, come to our party☻
We are looking forward to meeting you.
::C'est la vie!:: Presents Monthly Party in May
::C'est la vie!:: Sky Crews Lounge
PDT(SLT) 06:00A.M~07:30A.M May.12(Sun).2013
JST 10:00P.M ~11:30P.M May.12(Sun).2013
Kitt Ragu
Larcoco Mathy(::C'est la vie!:: Shop Owner)
Kitt Ragu(::C'est la vie!:: Dancer)
with Love
Larcoco Mathy
Kitt Ragu

Last Party Digest


In the Spring Sunlight

[VM] VERO MODERO / Kenan Jacket:MOH3 Gift
~Tees,Please~ Rock & Roll T-Shirt:MOH3 Gift
[Sheep Door] Dropped Skinny Red:TMD New!
..S..: Studded Lace Up:MOH3 Gift

[SLUG] - ClubMaster Shades - Black (Geek)
::K:: Accent Chief PaisleyxStripe-Red:Gacha New!
DECO - MESH Vagabond Bag male

Eternal Dream *ED* Rockstar 06,07:MOH3 Gift


My Rock ‘N’ Roll Style2 ~Men Only Hunt (MOH3)~

Mr. C - Peter_Espresso-Pink:MOH3 Gift
.:CoLL:. Serpentis Gauges:MOH3 Gift
Corvus : Skull Hoody M:MOH3 Gift
::K:: Buttoned Jodhpurs Skull:MOH3 Gift
Latreia- Anthony:MOH3 Gift
:Fusion: MOH Rebel Necklace:MOH3 Gift
[Z O O M] Rockstar ACDC:MOH3 Gift
!! NE! Listen the sound:MOH3 Gift
AITUI TATTOO - Yolo   [Fresh]:MOH3 Gift
..: SAAL :.. Rock'n'Roll Forever : Male Pose 3:MOH3 Gift
*PosESioN* Andromeda 4 for Him:MOH3 Gift

:SEY GuitarBag/B[back](Guys)
booN vine shaved hair base ash
...::: Scrub :::... IronTongue (gift fron Scrub)

Check out more details on the MOH3 Blog page! 


My Rock ‘N’ Roll Style ~Men Only Hunt (MOH3)~

Delirium Style Beanie,Headphones 02:MOH3 Gift
bleak .RnR Hard Tee.B-MOH3 Gift
XS_(RED)sand MOH3 jeans(Roll Up Cuffs):MOH3 Gift
Razor /// Fall Out Boy Kicks -Blue - Unrigged:MOH3 Gift
etham - Rock my life Necklace:MOH3 Gift
[ZT] Rock n Roll tattoo:MOH3 Gift
[Avoid] *MESH* Drumsticks w/ animation:MOH3 Gift
grafica ~ Elvis-003:MOH3 Gift

...::: Scrub :::... IronTongue (gift fron Scrub)

Check out more details on the MOH3 Blog page!