I wish Happy New Year!!! Thank you Friends☻

There was much encounter this year also.
Much recollections were made.
I am thankful to my friend.
I love my friends.
The new year should also build wonderful recollections.

Kitt Wearing
Egoisme Feathers Coat Metallic White
J's Studded Long boots (White)
::K:: Stylish Stole Plain-Whitesmoke New Color!
::K:: Super Skinny White Soon

Location:Small town green_Winter

I hope that 2013 finds you happy and successful☻


::C'est la vie!:: Monthly Party in December ~One day late Merry Christmas!~

We hold the dance party by the following schedule.
We loves Music and Dance and Dressing up ❤
Please dress up in your best favorite Fashion, come to our party☻

We are looking forward to meeting you.

::C'est la vie!:: Presents Monthly Party in December

::C'est la vie!:: Sky Crews Lounge

PST(SLT) 05:00A.M~07:00A.M Dec.26(Wen).2012
JST         10:00P.M ~0:00A.M Dec.26(Wen).2012

Kitt Ragu

Larcoco Mathy(::C'est la vie!:: Shop Owner)
Kitt Ragu(::C'est la vie!:: Dancer)

with Love
Larcoco Mathy
Kitt Ragu


Always My surroundings had You, Music, and Dance.

Probably,I could not walk alone till today.
You were always near me. 
And We enjoyed the fashion with wonderful music and dance.

Thank you so much,Dear Larcoco.
I love You.

Also Thank you,My friends.
I wish meet you again with your smile.

with Love from Kitt Ragu


Surely OK. We can Meet Again.

Don't  cry baby.
We can meet again.

Kitt wearing
[sYs] KAZAKH cap - Wool black with Pins:With Love Hunt
::K:: Stylish Stole CLV Monthly Party Limited Color
::K:: Super Skinny Plain-Noir
**DECO - Lumbermine Boots - Cherry**
[Sleepy Eddy] Leather Body Bag (Navy):The Arcade Gacha Events
Tee*fy Cassette Radio Red
: ) BCC. X-mas Mini Hunt Gingerbread Man 20


We Love Bag!

booN FKO548 hair blonde
:NuDoLu: Bonnet lapin Mauve face
::K:: Super Skinny Plain-Noir
KAO : Suede Fringe Boots / black

Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Carrying Trunk[Black]:The Arcade Gacha Events
DECO - MESH Bolt Duffle (lightningblack):The Arcade Gacha Events

::K:: Stylish Stole Plain-Chinesered
::K:: Super Skinny Checks-Brown
**DECO - Lumbermine Boots - Black**

[Iruco]Knit cap(orange):The Arcade Gacha Events
[Sleepy Eddy] Leather Body Bag (Brown):The Arcade Gacha Events
Tee*fy Cassette Radio Confused:The Arcade Gacha Events

Enjoy Winter ☻

team Ä・S・H Dance show - December

When:3th Dec.2012 5:00~6:00(PST)/22:00~23:00(JST)
Place:team Ä・S・H LOUNGE
The work of this year of team Ä・S・H

Have fun Dance Show of SL World:))