My Little Brand☻

~for many men who enjoy fasion~

New Release Info
::K:: Stole Twin silvergray x freshgreen  ~coming soon~

::K:: is here
::C'est la vie!::


It's Started Again

Club Zain resume through long-term closure.
I am supporting all the people who love a dance and music.
Loves xoxo

Club Zain



Kitt wearing
::C'est la vie !:: IInitial pin blooch[K]
::K:: Stole Twin
Hair : [BURLEY]_Ned_LBlonde05
Inner : (Milk Motion) My tiger cashmere
Jacket : Mimikri - Jacket / Luisa olive
Pants : *COCO*Homme_CargoShorts(Olive)_Pants
Bag : *FIR & MNA* The Curragh Satchel Plum Leather
Shoes : DECO - Test Boot - Newsprint
Socks : Pig - Socks Mit Suspenders - Fire Engine Red Sock

Larcoco wearing
Hair : [BURLEY]_Tish_LBlonde05
Bag : *TAYGA'S FRANCHISE* handbag Leather Red
Vest : *COCO*_FringeVest_Black

::C'est la vie!::


Higher ~the other story~


The movie taken March 6.2011 by Larcoco Mathy

The dancer is dear my friends:)
Kai Wirsing
LiZu Melody
Nocco Oldrich
Larcoco Mathy
The dance Master is Kitt Ragu

Thanks for seeing xoxo


Martini & Couture ~World Rave Party 2011~

InWorld inc. presents
Serve Chilled Couture,World Rave Party is a 1 full day party.
The party is a Rave on the beach designed very sleek and elegantly with 25 Models showcasing 6 World DJ and 10 Fab Designers awesome outfits on the runway \☻/

■When Sat.17th Sept 2011
3Time Zone
Asia  9A.M~11A.M(SLT)
Euro  3P.M~  5P.M(SLT)
US     8P.M ~10P.M(SLT)

::C'est la vie!:: has participated in this show.

InWorld Life Style Magazine is Originated from the world In world which is already close and frequently said by the Second Life community to describe The amazing world inside SL. An amazing world full of unique places, high fashion couture, exciting things to discover, wild roleplay and vast music and hobby selections. InWorld Life Style Magazine is.. Versatile and high quality. With Edgy Articles that cover all areas of Second Life lifestyle which include: Fashion, business, people, interior decor, sports,hanging out, places, trends, music, art, events, gadgets and others. The magazine is written and presented to you by professional journalists that try to cover only the best that SL offers us. InWorld Life Style Magazine aims to be a guide and directory for our readers, as well as a promotion showcase for talented designers and creative people to reach our readers.


To all the people that enjoy a dance, music, and fashion

Thanks for coming our party yesterday :)
We are very happy about it.
And I wish to spend pleasant time with everybody again.

We chose the best dresser from the persons who put on the item of  ::C'est la vie!::.
This time best dresser was Nocco Oldrich \☻/
゚・:*:・。♪ Congratulations! ♪。・:*:・゚

Special Photostream
theblackcloudy's Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/theblackcloud/sets/72157627529865445/with/6140755276/ thanks awesome picks my pleasure mouse☻

A lot of thanks for all the people that enjoy a dance, music, and fashion
See you soon Next Party

::K:: Stole Luckyboard ~For many men who enjoy fashion~

::K:: Stole blue x charcoal

::C'est la vie!::


::C'est la vie!:: monthly party in September

 ::C'est la vie!:: Sky Crews Lounge
 I will announce LM of the place with MainShop on that day.

 PDT(SLT) 06:00 A.M~08:00 A.M / September 12(Mon).2011
 JST(日本)  10:00 P.M~12:00  P.M / September 12(Mon).2011

 Kashouty Luv from Egypt (Owner & Founder Of Papas Beach Club)

 Kitt Ragu

 Larcoco Mathy(::C'est la vie!:: Shop Owner)
 Kitt Ragu(::C'est la vie!:: Kitty)

We will be glad if you would wear something C'est la vie!'s Item :D
We will choose the best dresser from the persons who put on the item of the our shop.

The last winner is Miss hana Haramori.

Have a enjoy the party!!
We are looking forward to meeting you xoxo

 ::C'est la vie!::


yummy ❤

We are sitting
)) HANAUTA (( - Hotcake Tower =10sit=

We are wearing
SOUP yummy donut !!
::C'est la vie !:: jacket(tweed black)
::K:: Stole camouflage-pink
::K:: Stole camouflage-blue

::C'est la vie!::


team Ä ・S ・H Dance Show!! IN OGASAWARA!!

DATE   : September 4.2011(SUN)
OPEN   : 22:00~(JST)
START : 22:30~(JST)

team Ä ・S ・H Official Blog


Move for F of Japan ::C'est la vie!::

Larcoco wearing
Move for F of Japan
::C'est la vie !:: fur snood(olive)
::C'est la vie !:: maxi dress(dot brown)

Kitt wearing
::C'est la vie !:: fringe vest(gray)

::C'est la vie !::